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Andrew Tate

Emory Andrew Tate III, also famous as Andrew Tate is a famous British-American kickboxer, commentator, businessman, and social media influencer like Ken Doll Dubai. He works with the light heavyweight, cruiserweight, and heavyweight classes and competes for the team Storm Gym. Andrew has won the Enfusion championship and the ISKA world title three times in kickboxing. He was born on 14 December 1986 in Washington, DC, and went to England when he was four.

Andrew Tate Intro


British-American kickboxer, entrepreneur, and online sensation Andrew has accumulated millions of dollars through various commercial endeavors. He is renowned for leading a luxury lifestyle, expressing strong opinions, and hosting web programs. In addition to being a well-known television personality and podcast host, Andrew has appeared in several shows, including Salim the Dream (2019), Ultimate Traveller (2010), and NELK BOYS (2019).

Andrew Tate Biography


Tate has a charming and dashing manner and is a handsome, educated, and fashionable man like Burak Özçivit and Burak Deniz. He has a typical body type, exceptional physical attributes, and a strong, attractive appearance.

Andrew Tate Wiki

Here are some quick Wiki facts about Tate.

Full NameEmory Andrew Tate III
Nick NameTop G
Cobra Tate
Andrew Tate
Date of Birth14 December 1986
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Age36 years old
BirthplaceWashington DC
Home townWashington DC
Current ResidenceVoluntari Romania
ReligionFormer Christian,
Converted to Islam
ProfessionFormer Kickboxer
Social Media Influencer
Net Worth$380 Million 
Weight90 kgs
Height6 Feet 3 Inches
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBald
Body TypeAthletic 
Body MeasurementChest-44
Shoe Size6(US)
Marital StatusSingle
GirlfriendNaghel Georgiana Manuela
Lori Harvey
Sofiya Guliyeva
Children N/A
TattoosOn his hand and chest


The zodiac sign of Andrew is Sagittarius like Mahira Khan, Baby Ariel, Hande Ercel, and Pragati Verma. The people with this zodiac sign are unique, smart, and assertive. They are independent and have a compassionate personality.

Andrew Tate zodiac sign


Andrew is active on Rumble, Twitter, and Telegram. Despite Tate being banned from Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook, his fan pages are highly active there, and frequently shares his videos, quotes, and updates generating millions of views.

Andrew Tate social media accounts

Twitter 8M Followers
InstagramFan Page
Rumble1.64M Followers
Gettr187.1K Followers
TelegramHuge Followers
FacebookFan page


Mr. Emory Tate, who was a professional international master of chess, is Andrew’s father. Eileen Tate, a housewife, is his mother’s name. He has two siblings as well. Janine Tate is his sister, while Tristan Tate, his brother, is well-known for appearing in the movie Shipwrecked.

FatherEmory Tate
MotherEileen Tate
BrotherTristan Tate
SisterJanine Tate
Andrew Tate family


Andrew completed his elementary education at a nearby school in Washington, D.C. Following that, he enrolled himself at Bedfordshire, England’s Luton Sixth Form College. When he could walk, he started to learn how to defend himself. Tate learned years before his first punch how to step back after a minor nudge in the chest to keep his balance. After playing a game with him, his father gave him a violent push across the living room, which caused him to make an amazing backpedal. His father turned it into a game. His father taught him chess and martial techniques. Before turning pro, he was a teenager who also worked in a fish market.

Andrew Tate early life and education

His mother claims that he would have won the county wrestling championships for kindergarteners at the age of four if his father had been there to provide instructions on how to finish the match. After completing the military service, his father had to put in extra hours at a low-paying job. His parents both put in a lot of effort to give him a better life.


Andrew started his kickboxing career at the extremely young age of 15, Inspired by watching Bruce Lee movies. He put in a lot of work in the gym and competed in several competitions, taking home four world titles in the ISKA (International Sport Karate Association) class.

Andrew was known as “Cobra Tate” because of his aggregate record of 85 wins and 9 losses, after defeating former British super cruiserweight champions Mo Karbo and Ollie Green. He defeated Randle in Derby, England, on April 25, 2009, to earn his first belt and title. Tate gained additional victories before knocking out Daniel Hughes in the first round to capture the IKF British Cruiserweight title in 2009. He competed for the world championship for the first time in France on March 19, 2011.

Andrew Tate kickboxing career

Tate lost to Jean-Luc Benoit for the vacant ISKA World Full-Contact Light Heavyweight Championship after 12 rounds. Tate defeated Benoit by knockout in round eight of their 12-round rematch in Luton, England, three months after their initial encounter. In an It’s Showtime 85MAX championship match versus Sahak Parparyan on May 12, 2012, in Kortrijk, Belgium, Tate lost on points. On December 2, 2012, Tate fought for the top kickboxer in the world at 85 kg during Enfusion 3: Trial of the Gladiators. He defeated Adnan Omeragi in the first round and Sammy Masa in the second round to advance to the competition in Ohrid, Macedonia, in August 2011.

Andrew used kickboxing as both a source of cash and his passion. He gained notoriety and money by winning awards, sponsoring events, and doing commentary work. He also exploited his notoriety and reputation as a kickboxer to network with powerful individuals and draw an audience.


According to Andrew, we are living in The Matrix in which we are controlled by Elites. They hack our minds and beliefs and show us what they want us to believe. Tate claims that elites, LGBT activists, feminists, and “Big Pharma” are in charge of “The Matrix“.


Many of the reasons that make Andrew so popular are very contentious. He took part in the Big Brother house program. Tate was dragged out of the program after beating a woman with a belt and making abusive comments on social media. The films solely showed consenting sex, according to the woman and Tate, and there was no abuse.

He rose to fame on Big Brother, and according to his website, he has four ISKA kickboxing championship victories. Tate has come up in gossip as the millionaire who has received a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons.

why is Andrew Tate famous

People consider him to be a menace to the population of younger men since he is recognized as the “King of Toxic Masculinity“. Following his expulsion from numerous social networking sites, Andrew’s influence decreased. He is a Romanian commentator for Extreme Combat. According to reports, his university’s “students” are using social media to promote him and pick the most contentious subjects and videos to highlight.


In December 2022, Tate was taken into custody in Romania on suspicion of rape, human trafficking, and organizing a criminal gang. Authorities acknowledged the accusations. Since April 2022, Andrew and his brother Tristan, both have been part of criminal inquiries. Although their lawyer acknowledged their detention, they opted not to comment.

According to a Tate spokeswoman, he was unable to give the Daily Mirror any additional information about the reports. They declared that Tristan and Andrew have nothing but the highest regard for the Romanian administration and that they are always willing to lend a helping hand. Investigators claim that they have found six women who were reportedly sexually abused by the organized criminal gang.

why was Andrew Tate arrested

The four suspects, according to the prosecution, founded an organized crime gang with the purpose of recruiting, housing, and employing women by forcing them to create pornographic content in exchange for payment.

Following a successful appeal, the judge ordered the release from custody and placement under home arrest of Andrew and Tristian Tate, along with the two other accused, as of June 4th, 2023. The punishment was initially set to last until April 29th, 2023, however, it was later extended for another 30 days before being prolonged once again for 30 days on May 19th, 2023.


For breaking their prohibitions on hate speech, harmful organizations, and people, Instagram and Facebook permanently banned Tate in August 2022. TikTok also deleted his account when it was discovered that it had broken its rules against publishing content that denigrates, threatens, calls for violence against, or otherwise treats people as less than human.

Andre Tate banned from social media

After that, YouTube also shut down its channel, citing several infractions including hate speech and COVID-19 disinformation. Later, Tate removed his Twitch channel. Andrew acknowledged that the majority of his comments were misunderstood but insisted that he supported the prohibitions and took responsibility for how they were taken. Despite being forbidden from using social media, Tate’s content was nevertheless posted there.


Andrew Tate has launched several web firms that bring in money. Several of the well-known companies are

Hustlers University

Hustlers University is an online college that instructs students on how to earn money online. This school teaches a wide range of subjects, including stock trading, cryptocurrency investing, e-commerce, copywriting, freelancing, business management, and more. On Record, it now has roughly 100,000 subscribers who each pay $49.99 a month to access the content.

Andre Tate Hustler University

The War Room

This is a network of well-known men who share their wisdom and insights on a range of topics, including money, women, fitness, travel, religion, politics, and more. The War Room membership, which grants access to numerous exclusive events, mentorship programs, business possibilities, and more, costs about $2,000 per year.

The Real World

This is an updated edition of Hustlers University, where updated and more sophisticated strategies for making money online are shared. It has a more vibrant, informed, and helpful community of instructors and students who support one another in achieving their objectives.

Tate utilizes the video platform TateSpeech on Rumble to share his contentious views on a range of subjects that are prohibited or regulated on other social media sites. He receives donations from his followers and income from advertisements.

Andre Tate The Real World

Top G Merch

T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and other apparel accessories with Tate’s phrases and emblems are available through Top G Merch. It mostly addresses his fan base, who wish to express their support and ties to him.

Top G Supplements

Top G Supplements, a brand of Tate, offers Pre-workouts, fat burners, and testosterone boosters for Men who wish to enhance their physical and mental well-being are its target audience.


On July 14th, a brand-new boot camp inside Hustle University went live to instruct people how to use AI to create money. The AI campus focuses on leveraging AI to create content and earn money on websites like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

Newly launched AI course by Andrew Tate (The Real World)

Here is a list of courses that the university is offering.

  • Creating Audio with Text-Speech AI
  • Creating a Video from Voice Recording with AI
  • Adding Captions to the video with AI
  • Uploading the YouTube Shorts


Andre has a big collection of cars like Austin Butler. The car collection of Cobra Tate is as follows 

  • Lamborghini (Aventador))
  • Ferrari (488 Spider)
  • Rolls Royce (Wraith)
  • Bentley (Continental GT) 
  • Audi (R8)
  • G-Class Mercedes-Benz
  • Porsche (911 Turbo S)
Andrew Tate cars


Here is a list of awards Andrew has won.

  • Enfusion World Champion, 90kg in 2014
  • ISKA World Full-Contact LCC, 84.6kg in 2013
  • 2011 ISKA World Heavyweight Champion 81.5kg 
  • 2009 IKF British Cruiserweight Champion 84.5 kg
  • In 2009 Tate won the ISKA English Light Cruiserweight Champion again.
Andrew Tate awards and achievements


The current net worth of Andrew is approximately $380 Million.


Andrew’s major sources of income include 

  • Kickboxing
  • Television program appearances
  • Businesses
  • Paid promotions
  • Social media
  • Online courses
  • Casinos
  • Webcam business
Andrew Tate source of income

In addition, he also owns several casinos throughout Romania that bring him a sizable sum of money. He manages his Hustlers University training programs, where he instructs individuals on how to earn money online using a variety of online business models, including Drop shipping, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce.


Andrew’s marital status is single like Mike Angelo but he has connections to several well-known people. He reportedly began dating Naghel Georgiana Manuela. Additionally, there are a few names which are associated with Tate such as Lori Harvey and Sofiya Guliyeva. However, he does not mention the name of his partner or his present status as a couple. 

Andrew Tate marital status


Here is a list of favorites of Tate.

Favorite ColorBlack
Favorite FoodMeat
Favorite SportKickboxing
Favorite MovieEnter the Dragon
Favorite MusicJamaican Music


  • He was a former British kickboxer who took home four world championships in various weight divisions.
  • He only eats one meal a day, which is dinner and almost exclusively consists of meat. Tate drinks 10 to 15 cups of coffee daily. He puffs on two or three cigars a day.
  • Since he was a child, Andrew has loved kickboxing and martial arts like Jackie Chan.
  • He competed in adult tournaments while he was young.
  • At age 5, Andrew began studying the game of chess.
  • Andrew began training in boxing and martial arts in 2005.
  • After defeating Paul Randall, Andrew earned his first kickboxing championship in 2009.
Andrew Tate interesting facts

  • He declared on his Gettr account in 2022 that he had changed his religion to Islam.
  • Andrew owns an opulent home.
  • He posted a lot of lip-sync videos on TikTok in August 2022 and labeled them as “misogynistic“.
  • He has a sizable online following, especially on TikTok, where his videos have had around 11.6 billion views. He is renowned for his divisive words and viewpoints on a variety of topics, including women and masculinity.
  • He is a self-made millionaire who runs Hustler’s University, an online school where he charges monthly fees for his guidance on generating income and escaping the matrix.


Throughout his life and work, Andrew has been a part of numerous controversies. Among the more notable ones are these:

  • He was expelled from the British Big Brother season in 2016 when a video surfaced that purported to show him belting a woman. Tate asserted that the video was consent-based and falsely edited.
  •  When he tweeted in 2017 that “Depression isn’t real” and that individuals should “go for a run” instead of taking medication, he incited indignation among the general public.
  •  In 2018, Twitter banned him for breaking its rules regarding hate speech and promoting violence. The ban has been removed and is now active on Twitter.
  •  In 2020, he was charged with giving false diplomas and defrauding students through his online courses.
  • He received criticism and anger in 2021 for his racist and misogynistic remarks on several podcasts and videos.
Andrew Tate controversies

What was Andrew Tate before?

Andrew Tate was a kickboxer. He started learning martial arts and boxing in 2005. In November 2008, The International Sport Kickboxing Association listed Tate as the seventh-best heavyweight kickboxer in Britain.

Where is Andrew Tate from?

Andrew was born in Washington D.C. but later moved to Luton, England, and grew up there.

How many languages does Andrew Tate speak?

Andrew Tate is multilingual and can speak English, Romanian, and Spanish.

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