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Jackie Chan

Chan Kong-sang, also known by his stage name Jackie Chan, is a Chinese actor, stuntman, martial artist, screenwriter, director, comedian, and producer. He is well-known for his comedic timing, inventive stunts, and acrobatic fighting techniques in his films. Since the 1970s, Jackie has been an actor and has performed in more than 200 movies.

Jackie Chan Intro


Chan was born in Victoria Peak Hong Kong, China on 7 April 1954. At seven, he started taking lessons in singing, theater, acrobatics, and martial arts. Jackie, who was once seen as Bruce Lee’s likely heir in Hong Kong cinema, instead established his brand of martial arts combined with screwball physical humor. He rose to fame as a major star in Asia and later appreciated success in the US.

Jackie Chan bio


Jackie has a huge fan following on social media. Here is a list of his social media accounts.

Twitter1.4M Followers
Instagram5.6M Followers
Facebook71M Followers
WebsiteThe Official Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan social media


Jackie, whose real name is Chan Kong-sang, was born in Hong Kong. He is a Chinese stuntman, actor, and director whose dangerous acrobatic feats and endearing physical humor made him a star of action films in Asia and contributed to the mainstreaming of kung fu films in American cinema.

Jackie Chan Wiki

Here are some quick Wiki facts about Jackie.

Full NameChan Kong-sang
Nick NameFong-Si
Lung Yoen Lou
Pao Pao (Cannon Ball)
Big Brother
Little Jack
Date of Birth7 April 1954
Zodiac SignAries
Age69 years old
BirthplaceVictoria Peak, Hong Kong
Home townVictoria Peak, Hong Kong 
Current ResidenceKowloon Tong, Hong Kong
ReligionChinese Buddhist
EducationChina Drama Academy and a Peking Opera School.
Dickson College and Hong Kong Baptist University.
Martial artist
Action Choreographer
Net Worth$400 Million
Weight65 Kgs
Height5 feet 7 inches
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Body TypeFit
Body MeasurementChest-40
Shoe Size8(US)
Marital StatusMarried
WifeJoan Lin
ChildrenSon-Jaycee Chan
HobbyReading Novels
Listening to music


His zodiac sign is Aries like Emma Watson. Aries people have many characteristics like they are passionate, confident Learners and motivation. They are highly determined and courageous as well.

Jackie Chan Zodiac sign


At the age of 7, Jackie attended the Chinese Opera Research Institute, a boarding school in Hong Kong, while his parents relocated to Australia in pursuit of fresh employment. Chan underwent stern discipline, including physical punishment for poor work, for the following ten years while studying martial arts, theater, acrobatics, and singing. He made his film debut at the age of eight in the Cantonese drama Big and Little Wong Tin Bar (1962) and went on to participate in several musical movies.

Jackie Chan early life

Chan worked as an acrobat and a stuntman after his graduation in 1971, most famously in the 1972 film Fist of Fury, which starred Hong Kong’s resident big-screen hero, Bruce Lee. He executed the highest fall in the history of the Chinese film business for that movie, drawing the admiration of the influential Lee, among others.


The name of Jackie’s father is Charles Chan and his mother’s name is Lee Lee Chan. They were Chinese Civil War immigrants. Due to the young boy’s constant rolling around and energy, his parents just referred to him as Pao-Pao. His parents were connected to a French ambassador in Hong Kong, and Chan spent his formative years in the Victoria Peak neighborhood on the grounds of the consul’s mansion. Jackie has four siblings. Two brothers named Fang Shisheng and Fang Shide. The names of his sisters are Guilan Chan and Yulan Chan.

Jackie Chan parents and sibling

FatherCharles Chan
MotherLee Lee Chan
BrothersFang Shisheng
Fang Shide
SistersGuilan Chan
Yulan Chan


On Hong Kong Island, Jackie enrolled in Nah-Hwa Primary School where he failed his first year then Chan’s parents took him out of school. After breaking into the movie business, Jackie and Sammo Hung had the opportunity to practice hapkido under the guidance of a grand master named Jin Pal Kim, and Chan eventually earned a black belt. He has also earned certifications in Taekwondo, Judo, Karate, and Jeet Kune Do. Jackie moved to Canberra with his parents in 1976, where he attended Dickson College and worked as a construction worker. 

Jackie Chan education


In 1976, Jackie was given the chance to work as a stuntman in a movie by a Hong Kong film producer named Willie Chan. The movie’s title was “New Fist of Fury,” and Chan played the major role. The film struggled because Chan was unable to portray Bruce Lee’s martial arts style, which was meant to be the basis for the entire production.

Chan participated in the 1978 film “Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow”, which was a huge triumph for his acting career. He was able to set up his stunts any way he wanted. The humorous kung fu genre, which quickly gained popularity with Hong Kong audiences, was pioneered by this movie.

Jackie Chan career

Jackie directed his first movie ” The Young Master” in 1980. After that, he had a ton of offers from Hollywood between 1988 and 1998, including those for the movies “Rumble in the Bronx”,Police Story 2″,” Armour of God II”, “Police Story 3: Super Cop”, “Drunken Master II”, and “Police Story 4: First Strike”. Chan performed in the movie “Around the World in 80 Days”, which was a hit at the box office. He acted in “Rush Hour 3” in 2007.

Following that, he appeared in “CZ12,” “Police Story 2013,” “Dragon Blade,” “Monkey King: Hero Is Back,” “Kung Fu Panda 3,” and other films. Some other movies are “The Lego Ninjago Movie,” “Skiptrace,” “Railroad Tigers,” “Kung Fu Yoga,” “The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature,” and He portrayed “Quan Ngoc Minh” in Martin Campbell’s action-thriller movie “The Foreigner” in 2017. In addition to receiving largely favorable reviews from critics, the movie was a box office hit, earning over $145.4 million against a $35 million budget. 


The net worth of Chan is estimated to be $400 Million.


His main source of wealth has been his acting career and also his wise real estate decisions. Multiple properties in his real estate portfolio are located all over the world, which perfectly complements his enormous $400 Million net worth.


In addition to the successful historical drama Mr. Canton and Lady Rose (1989), a deft adaptation of Frank Capra’s (1961) film “A Pocketful of Miracles“, he also made notable action comedies such as Project A (1983), Police Story (1985), and Armor of God (1986).

Jackie expanded his filmography at the beginning of the 1990s, giving a rare dramatic performance in the melodramatic Crime Story (1993). His successful films Police Story and Drunken Master also had several sequels. By this time, Chan was still mostly unknown in the United States, but in the middle of the 1990s, a chain of circumstances came together to make him more widely known in the country.  He has performed in many famous movies like *Rush Hour”, “Rush Hour 2“, “The Karate Kid” and “The Tuxedo“.

Jackie Chan filmography

The list of his famous movies is as follows.

Title Year
Drunken Master1978
Police Story1985
Armor of God ll1991
The Legend of Drunken Master1994
Around The World in 80 Days2004
Rush Hour 32007
Kung Fu Panda2008
The Forbidden Kingdom 2008
The Spy Next Door 2010
Little Big Soldier 2010
The Karate Kid2010
Kung Fu Panda 22011
Chinese Zodiac2012
Dragon Blade2015
Kung Fu Panda 32016
Bleeding Steel 2017
The Lego Ninjago Movie2017
All you need is love2021
Good Night Beijing2021
Ride On2023
Hidden Strike2023
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Mutant Mayhem2023

Movies From 2000s to 2020s

Jackie has acted in more than 200 movies. Here is a list of some of his movies from the 2000s to the 2020s.

  • Shanghai Noon (2000)
  • The Accidental Spy (2001)
  • Rush Hour 2 (2001)
  • The Tuxedo (2002)
  • Shanghai Knights (2003)
  • The Twins Effect (2003)
  • The Medallion (2003)
  • Enter the Phoenix (2004)
  • Around the World in 80 Days (2004)
  • The Twins Effect II (2004)
  • New Police Story (2004)
  • The Myth (2005)
  • Bo bui gai wak (2006)
  • Rush Hour 3 (2007)
  • The Forbidden Kingdom (2008)
  • Kung Fu Panda (2008)
  • Shinjuku Incident (2009)
  • Xun Zhao Cheng Long (2009)
  • The Founding of a Republic (2009)
  • The Spy Next Door (2010)
  • Little Big Soldier (2010)
  • The Karate Kid (2010)
  • The Legend of Silk Boy (2010)
  • Shaolin (2011)
  • Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)
  • 1911 (2011)
  • Chinese Zodiac (2012)
  • Personal Tailor (2013)
  • Police Story: Lockdown (2013)
  • As the Light Goes Out (2014)
  • Dragon Blade (2015)
  • Monkey King: Hero is Black (2015)
  • Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016)
  • Skiptrace (2016)
  • Railroad Tigers (2016)
  • Kung Fu Yoga (2017)
  • The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature (2017)
  • The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)
  • The Foreigner (2017)
  • Bleeding Steel (2017)
  • Namiya (2017)
  • The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang (2019)
  • The Iron Mask (2019)
  • The Climbers (2019)


In 1995, Jackie created his comic book character, the central figure in Jackie Chan’s Spartan X, a series that hit newsstands in both Asia and the U.S. That same year, newly anointed directing sensation Quentin Tarantino, fresh off the success of Pulp Fiction (1994), presented Jackie with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the MTV Movie Awards.

Chan’s sixth English-language (dubbed) film, Rumble in the Bronx, was jointly released in 1996 by New Line and Golden Harvest. It was Jackie’s first success in the United States. The movie opened to $10 million in its first weekend, debuting at No. 1 at the box office, and two other Chan movies, Crime Story and Drunken Master II, made their American debuts due to its success.

Jackie Chan Hollywood hits

After two less successful films, Chan’s First Strike (1997) and Mr. Nice Guy (1998), the action-comedy Rush Hour (1998) was another box-office blockbuster for him. He used his fluency in English to work as a Chinese police officer in Rush Hour alongside Chris Tucker’s streetwise Los Angeles police officer. Jackie co-starred with Owen Wilson and Lucy Liu in the Old West-themed action-comedy Shanghai Noon from 2000.


Jackie is a vocalist who began making recordings in the first decade of the 1980s. In 1980, with the release of The Young Master, he began performing the theme songs over the end credits of his movies. Chan sang “Kung Fu Fighting Man“, the theme song, totally in English. Since then, He has created more than 20 distinct albums, performed more than 100 songs in more than five languages, and collaborated with artists like Emil Chau and the late Anita Mui. His accomplishments also include his 1984 victory in Japan’s Best Foreign Singer Award.

Jackie Chan discography

Here is a list of some of his theme songs.

FilmSong Title 
The Young Master (1980)“Kung Fu Fighting Man”
Dragon Lord (1982)“Dragon Lord”
Heart of Dragon (1985)“Tokyo Saturday Night”
Police Story “Hero Story”
Armour of God (1986)“Flight of the Dragon (High Upon High)”
Armour of God II (1991)Operation Condor “The Way of the Condor”
Who Am I? (1998)“Who Am I? (with Emil Chau)”
The Accidental Spy (2001)“Out of Control” (with Mavis Fan)
The Twins Effect (2003)“Bian Bian Bian” (with Twins)
New Police Story (2004)“September Storm”
The Myth (2005)Endless Love” (with Kim Hee-sun)
Rob-B-Hood (2006)“Father and Mother’s Words”
The One-Man Olympics (2008)Stand Up” (with Leehom Wang, Stefanie Sun, and Han Hong)
Little Big Soldier (2010)“Canola Flower”
Police Story 2013“Rescue” (with Sun Nan)
Kung Fu Yoga (2017)“Beautiful Myth””Curry Flavor”
The Knight of Shadows (2091)“The Lunar Song” (with Cai Xukun)
Vanguard (2020)“Ambition in My Chest”


Jackie is multi-talented and has brilliant acting skills along with his other skills. Chan won the Best Actor award at the 1993 Golden Horse Film Festival for the movie “Police Story 3: Super Cop’. He also won the Golden Rooster Award for Best Actor in 2005 for the film “New PoliceStory’’. Jackie received the Buttkicker award for his performance in “The Karate Kid”, in which he co-starred alongside Will Smith‘s son Jaden Smith, at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in 2011.

Jackie Chan awards

Here is the list of some awards he has won.

Academy Awards (2016)Awarded for his “extraordinary achievements” in film
American Choreography Awards
Innovator Award
ASEAN International Film Festival and Awards
ASEAN Inspiration Award
Asia Pacific Film Festival
Lifetime Achievement Award
Behind the Voice Actors Awards (Kung Fu Panda) (2012)Best Voice Ensemble in a Feature Film
Blockbuster Entertainment award (Rush hour) 
Favorite Duo Action
Britannia Award
Awarded for worldwide contribution to entertainment
Fant Asia Film Awards (Drunken Master ll)
Best Asian Film 
Golden Horse Film Festiva (Police Story 3)
Best Leading actor
Hollywood Film Festival (Miracle)
Best Action choreography
MTV Movie Awards (Rush hour 2) 
Best Fight
Online Films and Television Awards
OFTA Film Hall of Fame


He is a GUINNESS World Record holder like Angelina Jolie. At the Shanghai Jackie Film Gallery’s opening, Chan received the official awards for “Most Stunts Performed by a Living Actor” and “Most Credits in One Movie.


Chan married Taiwanese actress Lin Feng-jiao, also called Joan Lin, in 1982. Jaycee is their only child who is a singer and actor. Jackie allegedly had a daughter Etta NG Chok Lam with former Miss Asia while they were having an affair.

Jackie Chan marital status


Here is a list of some favorite things of Chan.

Favorite FoodIce Cream
Favorite DancerMicheal Jackson
Favorite ActorCharlie Chaplin
Buster Keaton
Harold Lloyd
Favorite ActressUpdate soon
Favorite SingerSingaporean singer Joi Chua
Favorite MoviePolice Story
Favorite ColorBlue and White
Jackie Chan favorites


  • According to Chan, his parents were so impoverished that they attempted to sell him to the British doctor who delivered him.
  • Jackie is a big fan of football. He is a supporter of Manchester City, the England national football team, and the Hong Kong national football team.
  • Chan has hurt himself numerous times while performing his stunts, breaking his nose, ankle, fingers in his hands, cheekbones, cranium, etc. His near-death experience while filming “Armour of God” is well-known.
  • The Shanghai International Film Festival has hosted the Jackie Chan Action Movie Awards since 2015, quoted after his name.
  • Chan practices Buddhism as a religion. He can speak multiple languages like Cantonese, Mandarin, English, German, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Thai, and many more languages.
Jackie Chan interesting facts

  • He started acting when he was only 6 years old.
  • He once broke twelve solid bricks, yet he kept the fragile egg he was carrying in his hands from breaking while doing so.
  • There is an American cartoon series called ” Jackie Chan Adventures” which is a fictional story about Jackie and his family. 
  • He sings and plays the role of hero Li Shang in the Disney film Mulan’s Cantonese and Mandarin dubs. He has done voice-overs of many characters like Vin Diesel.
  • To help young people in a variety of deserving causes, including health care, disaster relief operations, scholarships, and youth activities, the Jackie’s Charitable Foundation was established in 1988.
  • He is a winner of the Oscar Award in 2016.


  • In 1999, Chan and Elaine Ng Yi-Lei, with whom he had an extramarital affair, had a daughter they named Etta. He never acknowledged Etta as his daughter formally.
  • In 1989, He attended the Tiananmen Square protests by participating in the Concert for Democracy in China. However, the action actor admitted in 2021 that he intended to join the Chinese Communist Party.
  • Jackie confessed on “Shidian Talk” in 2022 that he once attempted to physically assault a director as a result of an argument that occurred in production.
Jackie Chan controversies

  • In 2016, after becoming involved in a tax evasion controversy, Jackie’s reputation as a generally decent guy received a severe beating. He was named in the Panama Papers, a collection of data that showed how prominent people conceal their wealth by using offshore accounts. Other names included in the leaks included chess expert Bobby Fischer, golfer Nick Faldo, and Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar.

What is the age of Jackie Chan?

Jackie was born on 7 April 1954 in Hong Kong, China. He is 69 years old.

Did Jackie Chan win an Oscar?

Yes, Jackie received an honorary Oscar in 2016 for his contributions to the film industry.

How many kids Jackie Chan have?

Jackie has two kids. His son's name is Jaycee, he is a singer and actor. Jackie allegedly had a daughter named Etta NG Chok Lam with former Miss Asia while they were having an affair.

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