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Jeffery Preston Bezos

People determined to transform the world with their unique ideas are the real heroes. They bring in new visions and innovations for society. Jeff Bezos, a prominent American Entrepreneur, a Business Magnate, and a Founder of Amazon, reflects such determination and dedication.
Bezos is known as an E-commerce pioneer, making Amazon a tremendous global marketplace. In addition, he is one of the most influential personalities in the world today.


Jeff Bezos, born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, on January 12, 1964, is the Founder, Executive Chairman, Ex-President, and CEO of Amazon. His full name is Jeffery Preston Bezos. He has played an important role in evolving the biggest E-commerce marketplace “Amazon.”

Social Media Accounts

Jeff Bezos Social Accounts

Instagram4.1M Followers
Twitter6.2M Followers
Facebook3.2k Followers

Wiki Facts

Undoubtedly, Jeff Bezos is a prominent figure in today’s entrepreneur industry. His fans always love reading about him. Here is the complete list of Jeff’s personal details, Wiki facts, interests and hobbies, net worth, and much more. This fact file also reflects glimpses of Bezos’s achievements in his professional career.

Full NameJeffery Preston Bezos
Date of BirthJanuary 12, 1964
Age60 years as of 2024
Zodiac SignCapricorn
BirthplaceAlbuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.
HometownAlbuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.
EducationRiver Oaks Elementary School, Houston, Texas, United States
Miami Palmetto High School, Florida, United States
Bachelor of Science (B.S.) from Princeton University, New Jersey, United States
Profession(s)Technology and Retail Entrepreneur (owns Amazon, Blue Origin, and Washington Post)
Media proprietor
Computer Engineer
Working Years1986–present (2023)
Career AchievementsFounder and Executive Chairman of Amazon
Founder of Blue Origin
Founder of Bezos Expeditions
Net Worth$161 Billion as of September 2023
ReligionNot disclosed to the Public.
EthnicityWhite American
HobbiesHe loves gliding in a submarine to search for old NASA rockets. He also brings his kids along to experience gliding adventures.
Food ChoiceNon-Vegetarian
Relationship StatusMarried to MacKenzie S. Tuttle (1992-2019)
Currently Engaged to Lauren Sanchez (2018-present)
Favorite TV ShowStar Trek
SignaturesJeff Bezos Signature

Jeff Bezos Wiki


His parents migrated to Texas, where Bezos studied at River Oaks Elementary School in Houston from grade four to six. Later, Bezos went to Miami Palmetto High School in Miami when his family moved again to Florida. During the morning shift, Bezos used to work as a short-order cook at the fast-food chain “McDonald’s.” In 1986, he acquired his BS in Engineering from Princeton University and received his summa cum laude (An honorary title to show highest distinction).

Zodiac Sign

Jeff’s zodiac sign is Capricorn. The symbolic illustration of Capricorn is the “sea goat,” which indicates the thriving nature and the ability to succeed under challenging circumstances. Therefore, as a Capricorn, Bezos loves working in demanding environments. He always values traditions, be it his personal life or professional. He is a risk taker, appreciates security and stability, and always plays safe. Like Bezos, some other Famous actresses, including Mehwish Hayat, Hira Khan, and Dananeer Mobeen, are also Capricorn.

Jeff Bezos Zodiac Sign

Physical Stats

Bezos’s physical outlook is attractive. He has a muscular and tall body. Since his mother is Mexican and his father is from Cuba, he shares his traits with them.

Height5’ 8” (173 centimeters)
Eye ColorLight Brown
Body TypeFit and Muscular
Weight75 kg
Jeff Bezos Physical Stats

Net Worth

According to Forbes, Bezos’s estimated net worth as of September 2023 is about US$161 Billion. He is currently 3rd richest person in the world.

Jeff Bezos Net Worth


Ted Jorgensen is his biological father. His mother, Jacklyn, was just 16 when she married Jorgensen, a bike shop owner. However, the marriage lasted only for one year. After her divorce from Jorgensen, Jacklyn remarried Mike Bezos. Jeff’s stepfather was an immigrant from Cuba and has always motivated Jeff. He has 2 siblings.

Biological FatherTed Jorgensen
Step FatherMike Bezos
MotherJacklyn Bezos
Step SisterChristina Bezos
Step BrotherMark Bezos
Jeff Bezos Childhood


He is currently engaged to Lauren Sanchez, a journalist by profession. Previously, Jeff was married to MacKenzie S. Tuttle, a professional novelist. He has four children, including three sons and a daughter who was adopted from China.

Ex-wifeMacKenzie S. Tuttle
FiancéeLauren Sanchez
Son3 Sons
Only one of them has a public appearance, Preston Bezos
DaughterAdopted (Public identity unknown)

Style Quotient of Bezos

Indeed, a person’s style and class are reflected in how he carries himself. People discuss everything from his way of talking to what he wears and eats. The same is the case with Bezos. Regarding his excellent and iconic style quotient, Bezos has an awesome collection of cars, artistically built mansions, and a private jet.

Cars 1996 Honda Accord
1988 Chevrolet Blazer
JetsDassault Falcon 900 EX
Asset(s)Beverly Hills Mansion (12,000 square feet).
Medina Mansion in Lake Washington (29,000 square feet).
3 Linked Apartments in the Century. These are also known as the “Landmark Art Deco Tower on Manhattan’s Central Park West.”

Bezos’s Career Achievements

Hard work and consistent input always bring success. Bezos is a living example of such consistency. His professional career is full of daring experiments and bringing innovations to the work he has done so far. Listed below are his career journey and accomplishments.

Jeff Bezos with his Robotic dog

1986Graduated From Princeton University.
1990 Started working on Wall Street.
1991The Youngest Vice-President of the Company “D.E. Shaw & Co.
1994Established Amazon- A Global Marketplace.
1997Amazon went public, and Bezos Became a Millionaire.
1998Amazon started to sell CDs.
1999Named as “Person of the Year.”
2000Founded “Blue Origin”- A Space Exploration Company.
2002Launched a website for Selling Goods and Products via Amazon.
2007Kindle E-Reader.
2010The Digital Rights to Authors’ Works – Signed an Amazon contract with Wylie Agency for granting digital rights to its authors.
2013Amazon Studios.
2016Amazon Drones.
2018Bezos Day One Fund.
2020Started Earth Fund.
2021Stepped down from the Position of CEO and Became Executive Chairman of Amazon.

Entrepreneurship Initiatives

As an Entrepreneur, Bezos has several projects under his ownership. These include Amazon, Blue Origin, and The Washington Post.

Amazon- E-Commerce Marketplace

Before the Amazon journey started in 1993, Bezos had previously worked as an Executive at a renowned company, D.E. Shaw. After one year, he quit his job and started working on his idea of entrepreneurship. Bezos came up with the idea of launching an E-store. Consequently, Bezos founded “Amazon” in his home garage after he moved to Seattle. Initially, Amazon was a bookstore. MacKenzie, his ex-wife, was an accountant there. His parents also made an investment of $300,000 in the store.

With consistent hard work and struggle, Jeff Bezos expanded his Amazon business by adding other products. Hence, by the end of 1998, he converted his store to a more significant level, making it accessible through online mediums. It was a time when Amazon went online. Later, in 2002, Amazon faced a significant financial loss. However, right after one year in 2003, Bezos bounced back, with Amazon gaining a profit of $400 million. Today, Amazon has become the biggest E-commerce marketplace and has millions of products to sell to its users.

Jeff Bezos Amazon Founder

Blue Origin

Jeff founded Blue Origin in 2000. It is a human space exploration company and another big project launched by Bezos. The primary goal of Blue Origin is to reduce the expenses of traveling in space and to make it affordable. Its headquarters is in the South of Seattle, Washington. Blue Origin has developed a rocket system called “The New Shepard” to travel through “The Karman Line” with astronauts and payloads needed for research. 

Bezos Blue Origin Project

The Washington Post

Jeff purchased “The Washington Post” and its related publications in 2013 for nearly $250 Million when it was going under loss. He hired many editors, reporters, and technology staff to manage the newspaper. Consequently, his hard work and consistency paid off. Thus, right after three years, in 2016, the organization generated an Ad Revenue of around $100 Million.

Jeff Bezos A Business Tycoon

Other Works by Jeff Bezos

Day One Fund

Bezos’s Day One Fund is an initiative to eliminate poverty and help improve people’s living standards. “No Child Sleeps Outside” is the mission statement of the Day One Fund. It gives leadership awards annually to charitable associations and community organizations that are making a difference by helping young families with their primary food and housing needs.

Bezos Expeditions

Under Bezos Expeditions, Jeff makes personal investments. Besides, he is also among Google’s initial investors. Bezos financed $250,000 in 1998, which yielded a total of 3.3 Million stakes of Google stock, worth around $3.1 Billion in 2017.

Health Care and Philanthropic Works

Additionally, he has made several investments in healthcare, including Unity Biotechnology, GRAIL, Juno Therapeutics, and Zocdoc. Furthermore, Bezos is also involved in several charitable initiatives by generating direct donations and facilitating nonprofit ventures through Bezos Expeditions.

Quotes by Jeff

Being a role model and an inspiration for the world, Bezos has quoted many of his golden experiences to take motivation from. Some of his ever-green sayings are listed below.

“The thing that motivates me is a very common form of motivation. And that is, with other folks counting on me, it’s so easy to be motivated.”

“It’s not an experiment if you know it is going to work.”

It’s perfectly healthy—encouraged, even—to have an idea tomorrow that contradicts your idea today.”

“The common question that gets asked in business is ‘Why?’. That’s a good question, but an equally valid question is ‘Why not?’.”

“There are two kinds of companies: those that work and try to charge more, and those that work to charge less. We will be the second.”

“I think frugality drives innovation, just like other constraints do. One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out.”

Interesting Facts About Jeff Bezos

  • With a net worth of US$ 161 Billion, he is currently 3rd richest person in the world.
  • He started his Amazon business from the garage of his home in 1994. Later, the same business made him a billionaire.
  • In 1991, he was named “Time Person of the Year.”
  • In his interview with CNN in November 2022, he disclosed giving away most of his wealth for charity and social welfare projects.
  • He reportedly survived a fatal head injury when his helicopter met an accident in 2003.
  • Jeff stepped down from the position of Amazon CEO in 2021 and became its Executive Chairman.
  • He appeared surprisedly as a robot in the famous film “Star Trek Beyond” in 2016.
  • Bezos was listed on Forbes’s World’s Billionaires list for the first time in 2003.
  • He loves sleeping early and always has 8 hours of sound sleep regularly. He is an early riser.
  • Jeff has devised a rule known as the “Two Pizza Rule.” He says, “If a team cannot be fed with two pizzas, it is too large to work together.”

What is Jeff Bezos's success story?

Despite his financial accomplishments and successful career, Bezos made a risky transition into the growing e-commerce industry. He boldly resigned from his job, moved to Seattle, and opened an online bookstore "Amazon" in 1994. Due to his visionary approach, he foresaw the enormous potential and opportunities the Internet industry would offer in the future.

Who is Jeff Bezos?

He is an American-origin Business Tycoon, Entrepreneur, Founder, and Executive Chairman of Amazon.

What was Jeff Bezos first job?

During the breakfast shifts of his school years, he worked at McDonald's as a short-order cook. His salary was less than $3/hour. However, he got his official job at Fitel (A multinational start-up company) after he graduated from Princeton University.

How old was Jeff Bezos when he started Amazon?

He was 30 years old when Jeff dived into the journey of Entrepreneurship and launched "Amazon."

What is the success secret of Amazon?

The secret to the success of Amazon, shared by Bezos, is that it is a customer-driven platform. Its "obsessive-compulsive focus on customers' needs" has made Amazon a success.

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