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Jin of BTS

Kim Seokjin is a South Korean Singer, Dancer, and Composer. Jin is a part of the world-wide acclaimed boy band BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan). He is the Eldest Member of the BTS. Seokjin and belongs to vocal lines in BTS. Seokjin is the Fourth Member to become a part of BTS. Silver vocalist Jin is recognized and loved by millions of people. He is often referred to as the “World Wide Handsome member of BTS due to his good looks. Jin’s wit and humor coupled with his confidence set him apart. He is the epitome of perfection with his stirring vocals and handsome face. He has contributed to the industry by performing seamlessly in group activities, writing and composing music, and by his solo songs. Let us delve into more details about him.

Kim Seokjin


He was born in 1992, on 4 December in Gwacheon, the city of Gyeonggi; a most populous province of South Korea.

Kim Seokjin Bio

Family details

Seokjin belongs to a nuclear family consisting of his father, mother, and older brother. He is the youngest in his family. No particular details have been unfolded by him about his family. He belongs to a wealthy family. Many speculations have been made by people that her mother might be a former Miss Korea or his father might be included in the list of some wealthiest people in Korea but nothing has been made obvious by him. Moreover, his brother is married and owns a Japanese restaurant in Seoul. Furthermore, it has also been said that his family owns many other restaurants in the city and that they were also badly affected during the pandemic.

Father NameNot Known
Mother NameNot Known
Brother NameKim Seok Jung


He got his early education in his hometown. In 2007, he went to Australia for a camp to learn English. In 2011, he completed his degree in Film Studies from a private institute Konkuk University. Later on, in 2017, he enrolled in Hanyang Cyber University to continue his studies in a different field other than music.

Seokjin's Family Details


Kim Seokjin is currently Single. Many idols in the K-pop industry are not allowed to date due to their strict rules and regulations in contracts and their respective agencies also cover them up in case of any rumor because it can ruin their reputation and badly affect their fan base.

Jin in all black


He has a mesmeric voice and enchanting appearance that acts as a cherry on the top of his personality. He is a global sensation in the K-pop industry. Also, he achieved international admiration and immense success with his exceptional skills.

Real NameKim Seok-Jin
Known asJin 
Nick NamesWorld Wide Handsome (WWH)
Jin Hyung
World Wide Cutie Guy
Fake Maknae
Date of Birth4 December 1992
BirthplaceGwacheon, Gyeonggi South Korea
Age30 years old
ResidenceHannam The Hill, Seoul South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Relationship StatusSingle
CollegeKonkuk University
UniversityHanyang Cyber University
MajorFilm Studies
Music GenreK-pop
Net Worth$20 Million
Famous ForSinger
Height179 cm
5’ 10”
139 lbs
Hair ColorBlack
Eyes ColorBlack
HobbyPlaying Video Games
PetSugar Glider Gukmul
Kim Seokjin Wiki

Social Media Accounts

Worldwide handsome guy with has warm and caring personality that has endeared him to his fans. His fans named him “World Wide Cutie Guy”. He not only crafts his work with dedication but also shows his love and gratitude for his fans. That’s how he possessed a loyal fan base across the globe.

Instagram46.9M Followers
YouTube76.6M Subscribers

Zodiac Sign

WWH’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius. In influence to his sign, he is the one who always shares his happiness with people around him and remains considerate towards them such as Andrew Tate, Mahira Khan, and Hande Ercel.




Initially, he wanted to become an actor since childhood. When he was in his junior high school, he got an offer from an entertainment company SM; one of the biggest entertainment companies in South Korea, which he turned down thinking of it as a scam. He got picked by Big Hit Entertainment when he was training as an actor. Back then, he had uncharted territory in the field of music. He joined as a trainee after RM, Suga, and J-Hope; the first three members. In his early days, he lacked dancing skills. Due to this, he got a lot of criticism as well but as time passed, he worked hard and improved his skills. He also auditioned for acting before becoming a trainee. In 2013, on June 13, he made his debut with 6 other members as the group.

Jin's debut


Furthermore, his three solo songs Ephiphany, Awake, and Moon were added to BTS albums, and all of these songs were not get admired locally but also recognized and appreciated globally. Awake was part of the BTS Korean album Wings which was released in 2016. This song was co-produced by him. Awake came on the Gaon Digital Chart on 31 whereas, on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart, it scored 6th position. 

In 2018, another song Epiphany’s Trailer was dropped as a part of BTS album Love Yourself. Later on, a full version was released that debuted on the Gaon Digital chart at number 30. On the US World’s Digital Songs Sales Chart, it stood at number 4. 

Eventually, Moon was released by him under BTS with the album Map of the Soul. This song came into the limelight more than the other two songs by ranking 1 on the Gaon Digital Chart and number 2 on the US World’s Digital Songs Sales Chart.

Jin in Black and White Attire


Apart from releasing the songs for albums, Seokjin also collaborated with his bandmates and contributed some really good songs.

He co-worked with his bandmate Kim Taehyung aka V on a single for Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth named It’s Definitely You in 2016. This single has won the Melon Music Award for the category of Best Ost.

Not to forget, in 2018, he was featured along with bandmate Jungkook in a music video. That music video was from album Agust D released by his bandmate Suga.

Jin Taking photograph

Additionally, has also released cover songs on sound cloud including “In Front of the Post Office in Autumn”, “Mom”, and “I Love You”.

Not only this, he’s multi-talented and also participated as a co-host in shows such as Inkigayo and Music Bank.

Also, in 2019, WWH released his first independent song Tonight in the context of BTS’s sixth anniversary. This song has been written by him and his bandmate RM. This song was released via SoundCloud and produced by BigHit producers.

Similarly, his second song Abyss was released in 2020 through SoundCloud and YouTube. This song was written and composed by both RM and him. 

Later on, he also sang the OST Yours of the TvN series “Jirisan”. 

On his 29th birthday celebration, he released a song, Super Tuna. This song was released through YouTube and SoundCloud. This video has set new records. It trended on YouTube as number one in music for eight days consecutively in 56 countries. Moreover, it also went viral on TikTok when 141.8 million people used this sound.

Jin during concert

First solo single

In 2022, WWH guy released his first solo single The Astronaut before his military service. For this song, he collaborated with the British band “Cold Play”. This solo debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 51. Likewise, it also stands at number three on the World Chart. During a concert, along with his band mates he performed on this song in Argentina which was live broadcast in 70 countries.

Jin for his solo song The Astronaut


  • In 2021, Seokjin along with his bandmates appointed as Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture by President Moon Jae-in.
  • Jin’s vocals have been described by various journalists and critics as tender, sorrowful, silver voice, and free-spirited. Moreover, his voice has also been praised as a stable voice and added sentimental emotions.
  • In 2019, according to stats by “Gallup Korea”, he was ranked as the 13th Most Popular Male Idol.
Jin's achievement

Social Responsibility

Particularly, he consistently worked with unwavering dedication and never failed to please his fans. Beyond meeting the expectations of his fans, he also exhibited a generous and compassionate nature, extending his kindness to those in need.

On his birthday in 2018, he donated blankets, and food to KAWA, the Korean Animal and Welfare Association. Likewise, he has presented animal food to KARA; Korean Animal Rights Advocates. Correspondingly, he contributed monthly to UNICEF Korean. In 2018, he donated 100 million Won.

Jin with his pet

Net Worth

According to sources, he has a net worth of $20 Million.

Source of Income

He has various sources of income such as

  • Singing 
  • Dancing
  • Composing
  • Songwriting
  • Hosting

Music Catalog

The following are the details of his musical career.

Top Songs

Seokjin insta post

Single Songs

2016It’s Definitely You (with V)
Super Tuna
2022The Astronaut

Other Tracks

2013Adult Child
2017So Far Away
Seokjin during shoot

Songwriting Credits

Following are the songs that are written by him:

2021Super Tuna
2023The Astronaut
Jin during Astronaut shoot


Seokjin participated as a host in the following shows:

2016M Countdown
2017KBS Song Festival
2018Music Bank
KBS Song Festival
2022The Drunken Truth


Indeed, Kim Seokjin has paved the way and substantiated himself with his soul-stirring voice, hypnotic looks, and genial character. Millions of people praise and love him.

2022The Fact Music AwardsFan N Star Choice Award
2023Hanteo Music AwardsGlobal Artist


2017Melon Music AwardsBest OST (It’s Definitely You)
2021Asian Pop Music AwardsBest Film and TV Song (Yours)
2022Asian Academy Creative Awards
Circle Chart Music Awards

The Fact Music Awards
Best Theme Song (Yours)
Album of the Year (Astronaut)
Song of the Year (Astronaut)
Most Voted Artist
2023The Fact Music Awards

Seoul Music Awards
Best Music
Popularity Award
K-Wave Award
Bonsang Award (The Astronaut)
Fan Choice of the Year
Seokjin on set


Following are the things that he fondly regarded.

HobbyVideo Games
ActorLeonardo DiCaprio


Jin’s lively personality and melodious vocals have earned him widespread love and admiration, and he has remained free from any serious controversy.

Kin Seokjin Award

Interesting Facts

  • Not so surprisingly, he is known to be a “Fake Maknae” as he is vivacious and spirited as same as the real Maknae Jungkook.
  • Generally, he is very close to all members but he is good friends with Jungkook and RM.
  • For a long time, he shared a room with Suga and Suga said that he was very untroubled to live with him.
  • In a Soop, he mentions Suga as his “soulmate”.
  • Because he is the eldest member of BTS, he treats other members as his younger brothers despite being younger in his family.
  • He is also known as “Mother of BTS”.
  • In order to mention, he spent his middle school in Australia as an exchange student.
  • Besides, he is a very good cook and cooked several times for members.
  •  After V, he is the second member with symmetrical and charming looks.
  • His bandmates call him “Jin Hyung”.
  • If we talk about being loud and confident, he always stands out as number one in the group.
  • What’s more, he can speak Chinese and basic English.
  • Additionally, he is very good at playing piano and guitar.
  • Further, he likes strawberries but he does not enjoy strawberry-flavored food.
  • Equally important, in December 2022, he enlisted for his military service for two years. According to sources, he will get back in June 2024.
  • Moreover, BTS’s fake maknae was the first one to get 100 million hearts in his vlive.
  • He is known for making his dad jokes and entertaining his friends.
  • Furthermore, Fake Maknae cannot manage to watch horror movies.
  • In shows, he introduced himself as “Hey I am Jin, Worldwide Handsome you know”.
  • Seokjin is allergic to garlic and potatoes.
  • He revealed in a show that he had a crush on Rachel McAdams and Anne Hathaway.

What is the full name of Jin?

His full name is Kim Seokjin.

Does Jin have any girlfriend?

 No, he is currently Single.

When Jin will be back from military?

No specific date has been announced by Korean Media but it's expected by June 2024.

Who is best friend of Jin in BTS?

Generally, he is close to every member but in particular, he is close to RM, V, and Jungkook.

What is the age of Jin?

He is 30 years old (2023).

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