John: Latest pakistani film

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John The Film

John is an upcoming Pakistani film which is starring many new stars from different platforms Romaisa Khan, who is a famous TikToker, Raza Samo youtuber who is renowned for his roasting videos, Ashir Wajahat who has sung for some dramas and movies and he is also a son of a famous filmmaker Rauf Wajahat.

John Romaisa Khan

The trailer gives a sneak peek of what the movie is about. It’s a love, crime-type film set in the streets of Karachi. It shows the challenges faced by the lower class of our society.

Aashir is going to play the lead role of sweeper. But things might worsen when he meets bad people and becomes a criminal. In the trailer, Aashir seems to be hanging out with other young people who are also up to no good. He’s also shown to have a romantic relationship with Romaisa.

John Aashir Wajahat

Veteran Actor Babar Ali is the writer of the film. And the movie is produced by Faiza Khanum.

The movie will be released on 14 July 2023.

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