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Shreya Kalra

Shreya, a leading sensation, is a social media notable and model. She is exceptionally popular among youngsters for her hot and sizzling photoshoots. Her looks have governed millions of devotees on different social media platforms.

Shreya Kalra model


Shreya is a social media celebrity with an immense fan following. She was also a prior TikTok star before the app was banned in India; now she is known on Instagram and YouTube. She was born on June 12, 1996, in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India, and as of 2023, her age is 27 years.

Shreya Kalra birthday

At this young age, Shreya is enjoying stardom and popularity. She had 545.2k followers on the TikTok app before the app was banned in India and more than 3.5 million likes on her videos. After the app ban, she moved to Instagram and YouTube, where she has millions of devotees and views. Her parents are her biggest supporters.

Just like Shreya, Arisha Jain is also from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. Being a hot fashionista, Arisha has a big count of devotees to social media.

Shreya Kalra biography

Social Media Accounts

Being a hot fashionista and remarkable model, Shreya has enormous fans on social media. Let’s see her social media accounts list with her fan following:



346k Subscribers


Shreya Kalra social media

Shreya’s Wiki

Shreya is a rising talent with millions of followers. She has a very toned and well-maintained figure with measurements of 34-28-36. Her height is 160 cm, and her weight is 53kg. She works a lot to maintain her figure.

Shreya Kalra figure

There are many other things about which people are curious. Let’s see all the Wiki facts about her:

Full Name

Shreya Kalra





Date of Birth

January 14, 1996

Zodiac Sign



27 years


Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

Home Town

Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

Current Residence

Indore, India








Fashion blogger, YouTuber, model, and social media star

Net Worth

60-80 Lakh (estimations)


53 kg


5 feet 3 inches

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Hair Color


Body Type

Slim and Fit

Body Measurements


Bust Size


Shoe Size 



Father - Koshore Kalra

Mother - Rajkumari Kalra


Brother - Update Soon

Sister - N/A

Marital Status









Watching videos

Shreya Kalra modeling

Like Shreya, Kandyland also belongs to the Gemini family. Both are extraordinary content creators of the time.

Early Age

Shreya was born and brought up in a Hindu family consisting of four family members. Her father, Kishore Kalra; her mother, Rajkumari Kalra; and her brother, Manish Kalra. She shares a precious and strong bond with her family.

Shreya Kalra supermodel

Shree completed her schooling at a private school, “New Digamber School” in Indore. Later she attended Queens College in Indore. For her graduation she enrolled herself to Prestige Institute of Management and Research. She has received her graduate degree and is now working as a digital content creator.

Shreya Kalra beauty

Shreya was interested in fashion and modeling from a young age and wanted to enter the entertainment industry. Her parents are her biggest supporters; who always appreciate her work and have her back.

Shreya Kalra costume

Shreya’s Career

Shreya started her career in her youth. Her dressing sense brought her into the field of fashion blogging. She started making videos and reels on Instagram. Shree created her Instagram account in 2014 but didn’t pay much attention. 

Shreya Kalra fitness

In 2018, she created her TikTok account and began to share her videos. In a few days, her videos went viral, and she gained fame. She had millions of fans following her account. In 2020, when the government of India banned the app in the country, like other influencers, she moved to Instagram and YouTube.

Shreya Kalra fashion model

On her Instagram account, she has 415k followers. Her reels—almost every reel—go viral, increasing her fan base.

On her YouTube channel, she has 345k subscribers and millions of views on her videos. Her content contains makeup tips, beauty tips, comic videos, vlogs, dancing and lip-syncing videos. She is also very famous due to her dancing skills.

Shreya Kalra brand

Shreya is also a model and brand ambassador for various brands. She has been featured in some magazines and displayed on their front pages.

Shreya Kalra glamor

She came into the limelight with her participation as a contestant in MTV Roadies, Season 18. Shree was successful in performing tough tasks and winning the hearts of millions, but she couldn’t make up for it by winning the show. Still, her fan base grew very fast.

Shreya Kalra hobbies


Shreya has not shared her income with the media. Some sources have made estimations of her income. Her net worth is estimated at INR 60-80 lakhs. 

Shreya Kalra net worth

Source of income

Shreya earns her income via her YouTube channel and social media. She is also doing modeling from which she is earning money.

Shreya Kalra source of income

Marital Status

Shreya is unmarried to date. She is 27, and she is focusing on her studies as well as her career.

Shreya Kalra marital status


On her social media accounts, Shreya is making adorable, comic, and romantic reels and videos with Rishab Jaiswal. After seeing their videos and great chemistry, many people assume that both are dating each other or in a relationship. There are rumors on the internet.

Shreya Kalra boyfriend

Above all, we will say that Shreya is not involved in any such relationship. She has not made any news in the media. We will update this as soon as she breaks this news in the media.

Shreya’s Favorites

Shreya has shared some of her favorite things with the media. Let’s see what these are:

Favorite Food


Favorite Singer

Update Soon

Favorite Sports Person


Favorite Actor

Vicky Kaushal

Favorite Sports


Favorite Actress

Deepika Padukone

Shreya Kalra barbie doll


Shreya has been involved in one controversy until now. In 2021, she danced on the zebra crossing. For making a video and capturing the fan base, she recorded a video in Indore: when the traffic signal light turned red for 30 seconds, she danced on the zebra crossing and her fellows recorded the video.

Shreya Kalra controversy

This video went viral in a few moments. Some people take it normal because the traffic signal is red, but some people take it as a traffic rules violation. Indore police has issued a legal notice to Shreya and her fellows for this act. Their motive was to keep people away from this trend as this act is too dangerous for the person as well as passerby. Many people supported her and many spoke against her but she is not worried or guilty about this. Her stance was that she danced during the 30 seconds of red signal, she had not violated any traffic rule. She wore a mask in public to highlight the importance of masks and traffic rules.

Shreya Kalra gymer

Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Shreya:

  • Shreya has net worth around 60 to 80 lakhs INR 
  • She likes to eat pizza in her food intake.
  • Shreya and Rishab are making romantic reels due to which it is assumed that both are dating each other.
  • The brand name she is supporting is Shift to Thrift.
Shreya Kalra facts

What is the net worth of Shreya Kalra?

The net worth of Shreya is around 60-80 lakh INR.

What is the zodiac sign of Shreya Kalra?

Sagittarius is her zodiac sign.

Is Shreya Kalra dating someone?

No, Shreya is not dating anyone till 2023.

What are Shreya's hobbies?

Her hobbies are mimicry and dancing.

What is the age of Shreya?

Shreya is 27 years old as of 2023.

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