Terms of Service

Terms of Services is a legal agreement that binds two parties, i.e., the service provider and the customer or user. The service provider generates this agreement to tell the user about what services it will provide on the website and on what rules, regulations, and conditions the user can get those services. A user must agree to the terms of service to use the website.

CelebRays provides transparent terms and conditions. Here are the general  Terms of Services of CelebRays.com:

  1. It is compulsory for you to be over 13 to view this website. By visiting and viewing the content of this website, you agreed to be over 13.
  2. CelebRays grants you permission for saving or downloading the pictures shared on this website. 
  3. To contact us, you can email us at the email address provided on the website. 

If you want to leave any comment under any post or article, you will have to fill up the form and enter the details like email and name along with the message. The website will save this information.

  1. If you use abusive language in the website’s comments section, CelebRays will ban you from using the website.
  2. The website saved the emails provided by the users in its database for analysis. 
  3. CelebRays will collect a small amount of data from the user’s browser for analytical purposes, to know about the region from which you are accessing the website.

Modifications to the Terms of Services 

CelebRays reserves the right to change the terms of services at any time without warning. In order to keep browsing the website, you must accept the terms.

Updates to our Services 

From time to time, we may update our services and the content of the website. Users can not claim any discontinuation or change regarding the content of the website.

Third-party Services 

We may offer third-party data on our website, but we are not responsible for the accuracy, timeliness, and quality of their content.


The information that is being provided on the website is a result of intense research and hard work. We have no contact with any celebrities yet.

Contact Us

Please don’t hassle to contact us at [email protected] in case of any confusion or if you need further information or clarity.